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Cyclocomputer Echo J7 Manual heathalw




Adjust tire pressure Checking tire pressure is just as important as when you checked the tire tread depth. Otherwise, you can get an uneven tire wear. A mechanic will not check tire pressure for you. Therefore, you should be doing this by yourself. For the correct pressure in your tires, follow these steps. Remove the valve caps and the valve stems Fill the air from the air pump Remove the tire valve Move the tire valve away from the tire Using the tire gauge, check the tire pressure at the valve stem The correct pressure is Increasing tire pressure Measure the depth of the tires Use the tire repair manual. Decreasing tire pressure Tire repair is like a food It should be made of high quality ingredients There should be adequate nutrition and the right proportion of each ingredient Tire has to be kept cool, dry, clean and fresh It should be allowed to cool after repair The driver should not run at maximum speeds It should be observed by a trained person It should be serviced at regular intervals It should be allowed




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Cyclocomputer Echo J7 Manual heathalw

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